What is 500 internal server error? How to solve it.


We daily serve lots of website in our life. After typing the keyword on search engines, we all are waiting for results. But what happened if some error occurred and it shows an error message instead of the result. Nobody accepted the error. Users get angry at every error. There are different kinds of errors. In this post, we will know about 500 internal server errors.

500 internal server error

500 internal server error

The HTTP 500 internal server error occurred due to a problem on the server-side. Users get confused about what they did wrong so these kinds of errors occur. But this type of error occurs on the server-side. No need to worry about it. It automatically got settle down by own self.

Meaning of 500 internal server error

Whenever there is a problem on the server-side. But browsers are unable to evaluate why this error occurred. In this case, the browser shows this kind of error. This is a temporary problem. It solved itself, no need to worry about it. I tell you when these kinds of errors occurred then you need to simply refresh the page, you see the error removed and your page opens normally.

Attention! Whenever you make an online transaction and 500 internal server occur then don’t refresh the page. Otherwise, you lose your money. There is no need to refresh the page because most payment gateway has some error handling programs. They automatically detect the error and perform the necessary steps to remove it.

Remove the 500 internal server error from client-side

We already know it occurs on the server-side. But you also eliminate this error, Just simply restart the browser and cleared the cookies and cache as well.

Clear cache and cookies in google chrome

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete

2. You will get a pop-up box. Simply select the data that you want to delete.

3. After selecting the options click on the “clear data” button.

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