What are Backlinks? How to Create backlinks


If you are a blogger then you already know about backlinks. But if you are beginner that you think what are backlinks. Backlinks plays important role in SEO. Without a backlink, it is very difficult to rank the blog or site. Today we will learn what are backlinks and how to create backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is basically a link of your blog or site on another blog or site. Backlinks are very helpful for our site. Always try to achieve backlinks from high-authority sites. The main advantage of backlinks is that when google crawler crawls the site of others where you give your backlinks, then through these backlinks, google crawler also crawls your site or blog. It helps you lots to rank your blog or site.

what are backlinks

Types of backlinks

1. Do-follow backlinks
2. No-follow backlinks

1. Do-follow backlinks

When one blog or site gives links to others’ blogs or sites on their post or site, it is called a do-follow backlink. Do follow backlinks is very helpful. It is used to improve the domain authority of your site. If you got the backlinks from a high authority domain then your blog or site grows very fast. Do follow backlinks is helpful for the ranking of your blog or site. When google crawler craws his or her blog or site, then crawler also crawls your site.

2. No follow backlinks

When you give links to your site on the comments section of other’s blogs or sites, it is called no-follow backlinks. When google crawler craws his or her blog or site, then crawler won’t crawl your blog or site. You only got traffic from users, who click on your site link.

How to make backlinks from the good site

There are the following ways to make backlinks from High Page Authority and Domain Authority Site.

1. Guest Post

The best way to make backlinks from the high DA PA site is through guest posts. You need to approach the owner of the site and offer him a high-quality article. Use links to your site or post on the article that you want to publish through guest posts. So if google crawler crawls his or her site then crawlers also crawl your site. If you are a beginner then the owner of the high-ranking site won’t accept your proposal and maybe they ask for money. So try to publish your article on that domain having average Domain Authority but less spam score.

2. Quora

Create an account in quora and start answering the questions with full-fledged solution. Also, provide the links to your post or site at the end of your answer. You will see suddenly the rate of traffic increase on your blog or site.

3. Quality post

Always try to write quality and easy to understandable posts. Provide the unique and to-the-point answers to the users. If you write a good quality post then other bloggers or site owners will give you backlinks on your own self. We all know hard works always rewarded.


With help of comments, you can easily take no-follow backlinks from other blogs or sites. This is an easy method to take backlinks from another site.

5. Social Media

Share your blog or post URL on Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, and other social media platforms also. We all know social media is the best and free platform to grow your business or blog.
Social media is the best platform to share our thoughts.

Benefits of backlinks

1. Quick indexing

Backlinks are very helpful for fast and quick indexing.
New blogger faces many problems regarding indexing such that their post is not index quickly, it takes more time to index. Backlinks solve this indexing problem.

2. Traffic Boost

The site that provides the backlinks of your sites. Through these sites your site got lots of traffic, Such traffic is called referral traffic.
Referral traffic is very helpful to improve the bounce rate of your site.

3. Ranking

Backlinks play an important role in the ranking of your site.

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