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If you are a blogger then one questions always come to your mind. How to increase website speed and improve the speed of blog or site. Because we all know in ranking speed plays an important role.

How to Increase Website Speed

If the load time of a blog or site is less, then your post or site ranks very fast. In ranking SEO, keyword placement and other factors are very important. But speed is also the most important feature. There are different Google Chrome Extensions that help to improve your SEO. If you are a blogger then you should have those extensions.

If you used word press then in this post I am going to tell you about one important plugin. With the help of this plugin the speed of your blog or site increases. Follow the steps to install the plugins and improve the website speed.

1. Install plugins

In WordPress installation of plugins is very easy. You can install any plugins that you want. From the menu select plugins. Now you are able to see all your installed plugins. Click on the add new.  In the search box type NitroPack and hit enter. Click on install plugins. After installation activates the plugins.

How to Increase Website Speed

2. Select NitroPack Setting

Select option “Enter Details Manually”. It demanding for site id and site secret. Now questions arise from where we get these. Don’t worry keep patience I am going to tell you and everything.

3. Create an account in NitroPack

Click on  Get Started, then you see a different Plan. If you are a beginner then select the free plan. Because you know we are Indian and we love all free things😁. Select start for free.
Enter your website name and website URL and click on add site. Then you see zero dollars and place your order. Here its shows zero dollars because we choose the free plan. Fill up your details and email id. After checkout click on Go to Dashboard. You see your site is set up. Click on Connect your Site.

How to Increase Website Speed

Now you get Site Id and Site Secret. Remember your previous page where Site Id and Site Secret keys asked. Fill in the all details there. Now you see NitroPack set up.

4. NitroPack Setting

Select NitroPack dashboard. In the dashboard under the setting, the section enables Cache Warmup. Does it ask you are you sure? Click on yes.

Website Speed Test

It’s time to check your blog or site speed. You see your site speed increases. Leave other settings as default. For testing, you can use Google Page Test And GtMetrix, and so on. Now you see your website performance increases.

Before NitroPack Setup Website Speed Test

As you clearly see your website performance is 66%. We all know in Today competition 66% is less. We have to increase the website speed.

After NitroPack Setup Website Speed Test

Now you see your website increase from 66% to 95%. Congrats we increased the website speed.

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