How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money


In this blog, I am going to tell you about the youtube channel, how to create a youtube channel. If you want to earn money online, then you can earn lots of with the help of a youtube channel. Today we will know how to earn money from the youtube channel.

Many YouTubers earn lots of money from their home easily by expressing their creativity to others. If you want to earn money from Youtube, then this post is very helpful to you.

Youtube is the most famous search engine. All people are aware of youtube. After google youtube is the most used search engine. YouTubers earn millions of dollars from Youtube.

You can also earn lots of money from youtube. Simply by creating a youtube channel and upload videos on youtube and earn money. Create a video whenever you are free. Work in your free time. You are your own boss.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Create Gmail Id

In the first step, you need to create your own Gmail account. If you already had your Gmail Account then it is a good thing. You can use that Gmail account to create your youtube channel. If you don’t have a Gmail account. Then no need to worry you can easily or freely create a Gmail account.

Create a Youtube Channel

Friends creating a youtube channel is very easy. Are you excited? me too.  Let’s see. Click on


Now click on the above icon

create a youtube channel

and then click on your channel.

After this, you see a pop-up box. Type the channel name that you want to set.

Now you have to select a unique channel name for your channel. After selecting the unique and attractive name click on create a channel. You see your channel set up successfully.

create a youtube channel

Upload Video

After creating the youtube channel. It’s time to upload videos on your youtube channel. You have to do lots of hard work to create or upload videos. Also, you need to have patience as well. In starting you see your channel got only a few views. But trust me if you work hard and upload quality videos weekly, then no one can stop growing your youtube channel.
But according to the youtube Monetization policy, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for monetization.

Make quality content on daily basis. Share your Youtube video links with your friends or on social media. If you really provide quality content to your users then no need to advertise. In a genuine way, you are able to grow your channel.

How to Make Money from YouTube

Link with Ads Network

After 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time your channel becomes eligible to connect with the ads network and monetize your channel.

Once you connect your Youtube channel with Ads. Your earning is a start. Now you are able to earn millions of dollars.

Earning from Affiliate Marketing

Many YouTubers earn lots of money from affiliate marketing. In the case of affiliate marketing, you need to review the products and provide the links of that products in the description. If anyone purchases products from your affiliate links then you get a commission for it.

YouTube vs Blog

Earn money from a YouTube channel is very easy as compared to earn money from a blog.

Due to the following reasons.

No need for Domain and Hosting

In youtube, there is no need for domain and hosting. But in the case of Blogging, you need to purchase a domain and hosting. But youtube is free of cost you won’t need to invest a single pie for it.

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