What is computer software? Types of software Quick Revision in 5 Minutes


In this blog, we will discuss about computer software and types of software. Software is the words that come directly to mind when you think about a computer, what exactly is it? Software is a series of information and instructions that tell the computer exactly how to perform a certain task. The user-side software is what we typically think of when we hear the words “computer Software”, as this kind of programs usually found on personal computers and other machines at the user’s disposal.

What is computer software?

Software is the set of instructions that tells the computer to perform specific tasks. Software is used to controls the hardware and perform tasks. Without software, a computer cannot work.

Types of Computer Software

There are mainly two types of software such as system software or application software.

1. System software

The system software is used to operate the hardware components of the operating system. Machine use the low-level language they don’t understand high-level language (English Language). Here system software is come in to picture. System software provides interaction between users and hardware. It provides an efficient environment through which users communicate easily. If you want to use web-cam in your system, then your system must install web-cam software as well to access the webcam. Otherwise, it through error. A computer cannot work without the system software. A computer is a box without system software. Examples of system software are  Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

2. Application Software

Application software is the set of programs that performs specific tasks. Users can install different application software according to their requirements. Suppose some software manages your account then you must require tally or different same software. If you want to write any document then, Ms-word is used. The user is directly interacting with application software. A computer can work without software but perform different tasks application software is used. Examples of application software are Ms-word, paint and google chrome, etc.


The machine only understands machine language or low-level language but human beings understand high-level language (English Language). To fill the communication gap between system and user compiler is used. The compiler is used to convert the high-level language into machine language. So machines easily understand the programs and performed the task as specified by the programmer.  Assembler is similar to the compiler and did the same things. But assembler interprets the programs to line by line instead of compiling the whole programs at once.

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