What is Bounce Rate? Best way to reduce it.


Today we will learn about bounce rate. If you are a blogger or you have any site then you also know about it. Bounce rates play important role in our blog or site. Due to poor bounce rate ranking of blog or site start falling gradually. In a new blog or site bounce rate may or may not be high, but try to reduce it. Today I am going to give you tips on how to reduce the bounce rate.

What is bounce rate?

When a visitor visits the entrance page of your blog or site and returns back without looking at another post of your site. It is called a bounce rate. It shows that your post is neither helpful for others nor interesting. Your post did not contain an effective heading or content. If the bounce rate of your blog or site increases then the ranking of your blog or site also down.

If the bounce rate of your blog or site is 100%, that means 100% of users only visit the single page and return back without exploring other pages or posts. It throws a bad impression on your blog or site.

The suitable bounce rate for blog or site

If the blog or site has a bounce rate of 1 to 10%. Then those blogs or sites are the best sites. Those blogs or sites rank very fast. Then the owner of the blog or site earns lots of money. Blog or sites catch millions of visitors. And 10 – 30% bounce rate also come in good category of blog or site. But more blogs or sites come under a 30-70% bounce rate. For the websites or blogs having a bounce rate of more than 70%, the owner of the blog or site need to do more effort to improve the bounce rate. Different kinds of blogs or sites having different ranges of bounce rates.

Reasons due to bounce rate may be high

1. Poor quality of content.

2. Post should have internal links.

3. The loading time of the blog or site should be less.

4. Contents should not be interesting.

5. Irregularities in formatting

How to reduce bounce rate

1. Decrease page load time

If the page load times of your blog or sites are very high then the visitors leave your blog or sites. Because in modern era nobody has more time. No one waits 15-30 seconds. So, try to improve the page load time of your blog or site. Nowadays amp plays an important role to rank or improve the page speed of your blog or site. Try to use optimize the image or compress the image before using it.

2. User-friendly Heading

Some bloggers use clickbait headings. Due to this the bounce rate of blog or site increase. Always try to avoid clickbait headings. Try to gain the trust of your visitors. Always give them interesting and helpful content. Always provides true information. Never try to fool your visitor. Because with clickbait heading you got one view but you have gone lose the trust of your visitors or you lose your visitor.

3. Quality content

If your blog or site having valuable or interesting content, then no one can stop ranking your post. Google always give more emphasis on the blog or site which having less bounce rate or quality content. If the quality of your is poor then the bounce rate of your site is increases and gone to lose the visitors. Use simple and user-friendly language so users understand it easily.

4. Design

Always try to make a simple and responsive site. Some new bloggers use lots of designs and high-quality images without compression, Due to this bounce rate of blogs or sites is increases. Simple text color and design attract the users. Font color or style should be simple so it is easily visible to the user.

5. Internal Links

Internal links are very helpful to reduce the bounce rate. Because if the user clicks on links to know more about contents then it reduces the bounce rate. Internal links should be related to your post.

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