Best Google chrome extensions for blogger in 2021


When we are talking about an extension. Then google chrome provides us lots of extensions for better and safer browsing. Google Chrome extensions are very helpful for bloggers. With help of this extension, bloggers can write interesting and quality posts.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for blogger

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most useful and helpful google chrome extension for bloggers. With help of Grammarly, extension bloggers can improve the readability of blogs or posts. It is used for spell checking and eliminates grammar mistakes from blogs or posts. If your English is weak like my English, Then you can use this extension. I personally install this extension on my all device and used it. Because error-free or user-friendly readability blogs rank very quickly.

2. Last Pass- Free Password Manager

Last Pass is a very useful google chrome extensions not only for bloggers but also for all google chrome users. We use different accounts in our daily life and due to security reasons, we used different passwords. Now, it is very difficult to remember the password of all accounts. Here the Last Pass plays important role its stores the all our password and fills whenever we required. Only you need to remember one master password instead of all passwords. Your master password is never shared with the Last Pass. That is why it is more secure and lots of users use it to save their time.

3. Word counter

If you are a blogger then you know the length of the blog or post plays an important role in ranking and Google Adsense approval. Every blogger wants Adsense approval on their blogs. But when we are using blogger then there is a chance it won’t show us the length of our post. In such a case, the word counter is very useful for bloggers. Word Counter shows you words, characters, and characters spaces.

4. Google Dictionary

While writing posts or blogs sometimes we are not familiar with some words. Now instead of search those words on another tab select the words and click on the google dictionary extension to know more about them.

5. Quick Write Text Editor

Quick Write Text Editor is also the most useful google chrome extensions for bloggers. With help of this extension, you are able to prepare your blog or post without any other distraction. Because if we are using our blog or WordPress editor, then we got distracted on making heading, bold the text, and change the formatting and color of the text. But with help of this extension, you can only write. So it helps you to maintain concentration.

6. Lightshot(screenshot tool)

We all know images plays important role in ranking. Lots of bloggers use the traditional methods to take screenshots. They click on the screenshot button and paste it on the paint editor and after this select the required portions and save them. We see it is very time-consuming. But in the modern era, nobody has more time to waste. So simply install the light shot google chrome extensions.

After installing the light-shot extension pin the extension. Click on extension whenever you want to take screenshots. After clicking the extension select the area and save it.

7. Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is used to find the metadata description of a blog or site. With help of this extension, you can find the mistake that you did on your post or blog. It gives you tips on how to eliminate mistakes. Which images are not used alt text? With help of this google chrome extension, you can also check the metadata description of your competitor.

8. Responsive Web Design Tester

Responsive Web Design Tester google chrome extensions allows users to test their blogs or sites on different devices. With help of this extension, you can check whether your theme is responsive or not. It is very helpful to select the appropriate and responsive theme for your blog or site.

9. Whatsmyserp

Whatsmyserp google chrome extensions provides lots of keywords free of cost. Whenever you search any keyword in the search engine then this extension show related keywords. It also shows CPC and the search volume of the keywords.

10. MozBar

MozBar extension is used to check the domain authority of your competitor blog or site. It provides lots of information such as DA Backlinks etc. It also provides the spam score of a blog or site.

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